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Class 40 - Photography

Directors: Louise Dingman 519-848-3082

Rules & Regulations

1. All photographs must be the work of the exhibitor, taken within the past two years and may only be exhibited for 1 year.

2. Prints may be 4x6” or 5x7 and mounted SECURELY (not taped) on Black Bristol board with borders not to exceed 2 cm around single prints

3. No digital enhancements or effects are permissible, except where stated

4. No Professional Photographers; Amateurs only

5. ALL ENTRY TAGS must be attached to the bottom LEFT corner so as not to obscure the photograph(s).

6. New exhibitors, mark your entry tag N.E (NEW EXHIBITOR) next to your name on the flip tab.

7. $5.00 Membership Fee is Due at exhibiting time. Youth Age Children (19 years & under) entering this class must pay the $5.00 Adult membership and receive an adult membership number.

8. Entries must be ticketed and placed by 11:30am. Fri. Sept. 8th, 2023. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

Prizes: $4.00; $3.00; $2.00 – sponsored by Wright’s Veterinary Clinic & Arthur Ag. Society

Photography (one print unless otherwise stated)

  1. Garden Blooms, 4 prints

  2. The Seasons, 4 prints (each season should be clearly, easily identifiable)

  3. A Sunrise or Sunset

  4. Attending a sporting event

  5. Canoeing or kayaking

  6. Classic Car

  7. A Bridge

  8. Reflections

  9. Highway Sign

  10. Road Construction

  11. Hens

  12. Roadside Attraction

  13. A Market in Arthur

  14. Lighthouse

  15. 4 pictures of the 2022 Arthur Fall Fair 

  16. Showing a 4H Calf

  17. A triptych (a group of three photos with a common theme, mounted on black Bristol board)

  18. Drone photo

  19. Colours of Autumn

  20. Winter Snows

  21. Arthur Landmark

  22. Photo of the Cenotaph

  23. Holstein Cow(s)

  24. I got a Trophy!

  25. Umbrella

  26. Raindrops

  27. Pet cat(s)

  28. Shoreline

  29. Shapes in crops

  30. Spider Web

  31. First hair cut

  32. Blowing out the candles

  33. Store Sign

  34. Your favourite holiday photo

  35. 8” x 10” Nature Photo

Wright’s Veterinary Clinic Special

The Exhibitor with the most points wins an additional $20.00


Wright’s Veterinary Clinic Special

A New Exhibitor with the most points wins an additional $20.00

Photo Release for Minors:  Please sign and scan back the form to the Arthur Agricultural Society when there are people (children) present in your photos.  Please click:   







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