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Welcome to our very first Virtual Agriculture Awareness Video! Our mandate is to promote agriculture and connect people with their food. Local sheep farmers are an important part of the farming industry. Enjoy!

Meet Jackie, a local bee keeper. She has been a beekeeper for around 5 years and lives just south of Bellwood, ON. She sells honey and soaps, and is working on expanding to other bee related items. You can find Jackie on Facebook and Instagram under New Hope Apiary for her products!

Field crops are a very important aspect of agriculture. In this video, local crop farmer Bridget Schill of Shawridge Farms explains some of the machinery involved and takes us on a little tour of the fields.

Family farm near Arthur ON that raise a selection of pasture raised meats and eggs. Visit for all their products!

A farrow (birthing) to wean barn tour. A brand new barn using innovative and up to date technology to provide the pigs with the best of care.

A custom spraying and nutrient management planning business in Drayon ON Canada.

In this video, we tour a layer barn and learn about how the hens live, what an enriched barn is, food safety and bio security.

Take a tour with us on a dairy farm! Learn about some of the great technologies used in the barns, how often the cows are milked, and what they eat.

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