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Thank you Brea Smith Photography!


Thank you Brea Smith Photography!

Message from Emma Smyth

2021-2022 Arthur Fall Fair Ambassador

Growing up I always had the privilege of watching the Arthur Ambassador Program. I witnessed many smiles, excitement, and kindness from the young leaders that wore the tiara. It was always an inspiration of mine to receive the opportunity to represent such a wonderful community just as the other Ambassadors had done before me. Although, once I was finally able to participate nothing could have prepared me for the amount of strength, love, gratitude, passion, and happiness I would receive and be able to share.


Having the pleasure of representing the Arthur Agricultural Society presented me with many fun filled events! Through difficult times and challenges, communities came together to provide opportunities for me and many other young men and women to connect, communicate, and encourage one another. I remember my very first event as Ambassador; it was a lunch hosted by the Township of Wellington North to celebrate all of the important volunteers within our community. This event was a great first impression for what would be expected in the year ahead. Smiling in parades, meeting new people, reconnecting with familiar faces, learning about leadership, and discussing agriculture are just a few of my favourite experiences from my time as the Arthur Fall Fair Ambassador. 

I cannot thank the Arthur Agricultural Society and Ambassador Committee enough for granting me this opportunity. The lessons, skills, and capabilities I have been shown and taught are immeasurable and I will forever be grateful. I show immense gratitude for the members of the Society who constantly encourage me with kinds words; they have shown me what it means to be a leader, a friend, and a neighbour. The Arthur Agricultural Society has taught me what it means to be a volunteer which has helped me grow as a member of the community.


Thank you to my family who has always been there for me! Without their support, I would not be the woman I am today. Their constant faith has encouraged me to be myself and has enabled me to accomplish many things I am proud of.


There are many people that have been part of my year as Ambassador that deserve an endless thank you. I was very fortunate to have the Arthur Optimist Club sponsor me as I participated in the Arthur Ambassador Program. Their continued support throughout my year holding the title made me proud to be representing the community in which they carry their presence in.


I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to represent the Arthur Agricultural Society as the Ambassador of the Arthur Fall Fair. I am thankful for everyone involved in this journey and I am excited to encourage others to participate in this fulfilling program. Even though I am passing down my title, I can’t help but smile when remembering the past year. This will remain as one of my most proud achievements and Arthur will forever be my home.


I look forward to seeing you all at this year’s fair! Whether you are participating, watching, or just stopping by- remember “Let’s Celebrate”.


Emma Smyth

The Ambassador Committee gratefully acknowledges the generous donations, contributions and gifts from local businesses and individuals

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