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Meet the 2022-2023

Arthur Fall Fair Ambassador

Kelsey Lennox


Thank you Brea Smith Photography!

Ambassador Program

Ambassador Message

The dictionary says that the definition of a volunteer is someone who freely offers to take part in or undertake a task. However, in my eyes a volunteer is so much more than that.  Over the last year I could not have been more honoured to represent such a hardworking, caring and dedicated group of volunteers. The Arthur Agricultural Society is an incredible group of volunteers who give 100% to every single thing they do. Not only did I have the incredible opportunity to represent the Arthur Agricultural Society. I got the opportunity to represent my community and all of the incredible volunteers that work so hard to make our community special. 


Without the hard work and dedication of the incredible volunteers in the Agricultural Society, our fair would not be possible. As you visit the fair, I would encourage you to thank these volunteers and to take a moment and look around. All the displays and events take countless hours of planning and preparation of so many volunteers. This year we are celebrating our 167th year of the Arthur Fall Fair and every single year countless memories have been made at the fair and this is all thanks to the volunteers who have made the fair possible.


Growing up, I always loved coming to the fair, I have made so many lifelong memories. These memories have led me to look forward to the fair all year long. My favorite part of the fair was always watching the ambassador program. As long as I can remember I had dreamed of becoming the Arthur Fall Fair Ambassador and I have been so incredibly honored to be your 2022-2023 Arthur Fall Fair Ambassador.


My first event as ambassador has been so memorable. Only a few short hours after I was crowned, I had my very first event! Less than four hours after being crowned I attended the Fergus Fall Fair Ambassador Competition. This event was super memorable not only because it was my first event, but also because my older sister Emily Lennox was crowned as the Fergus Fall Fair Ambassador! This was just the beginning of the incredible memories that I would make in my year as ambassador.


In my year I have been presented with so many amazing opportunities. I was able to visit multiple surrounding fairs, many local community events as well as the OAAS Convention in February and the CNE in August. While attending these events I represented the Arthur Fall Fair, the Agricultural Society, and our incredible community. Along the way I made so many lifelong memories and friends, I will always cherish my days as the Arthur Fall Fair Ambassador. If you are ever presented with the opportunity of becoming a fair ambassador, take it! I promise you won't regret it. Although my year as Ambassador is coming to an end, the incredible memories will last forever. I can’t wait to see you all at the 2023 Arthur Fall Fair!

Kelsey Lennox


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