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Director: Sharon Beer 519-848-2503, & Donna Clark
1. Potted Plants in bloom should be potted at least 3 months previous to fair.
2. Bloom: An individual flower, one to a stem. Do not leave buds showing.
3. Stem: May carry one or more flowers
4. Spray: A portion of the plant with a number of flowers on one stem.
5. All Gladioli must be in suitable containers
6. Exhibitors to supply their own containers.
7. Only one entry, per person per section
8. $5.00 Membership must be paid to exhibit
9. Exhibits must be at the Arthur Arena for judging by 11:30AM on Friday, September 6th, 2024
Prizes for Sections 1-48: 1st: $4.00; 2nd: $3.00; 3rd:$2.0024
Potted Plants in Bloom (one plant per pot)
1. African violet, single crown, single bloom
2. Geranium, single or double
3. Petunia
4. Begonia, tuberous
5. Begonia, fibrous
6. Impatiens, single or double
7. Kolanche
8. Any other plant in bloom, named
Foliage Plants (one type in a pot)
9. Coleus
10. Shamrock
11. Spider Plant
12. Succulent
13. Any other foliage, named
Hanging Plants (Ready to hang)
14. Any outdoor blooming plant(s)
15. Foliage plants
16. Mixed, foliage and flowers

Cut Flowers (remove leaves below water line)

17. Aster, 3 blooms, any colour
18. Aster, 2 varieties, 3 blooms each
19. Black-eyed Susan,3 stems
20. Calendula, 3 blooms, any colour
21. Coneflower, 3 blooms
22. Cosmos, 3 long sprays
23. Dahlia, 1 large bloom, over 5" diameter
24. Dahlia, 3 blooms, under 5" diameter
25. Dahlia, 3 varieties, 1 bloom each
26. Geranium, single, 3 stems
27. Gladioli, 3 stems, all a different colour
28. Gladioli, 1 stem, white
29. Gladioli, 1 stem, pink
30. Gladioli, 1 stem, red
31. Hydrangea,1 bloom, white
32. Hydrangea, 1 bloom, pink
33. Lily, canna, 2 stems, same colour
34. Marigold, 3 blooms, under 2 1/2 " diameter
35. Marigold, 3 blooms, over 2 1/2 " diameter
36. Petunia, single, 3 sprays, same colour
37. Rose, 1 spray, Floribunda

38. Rose,1 long stem- Hybrid Tea
39. Rose, 1 bloom, floating in a bowl, with foliage
40. Salvia, 3 stems, same colour
41. Snapdragons, 3 stems
42. Sunflower, 1 bloom, over 6" diameter
43. Turtlehead, 3 stems
44. Zinnias, 3 blooms, under 4 " diameter
45. Zinnias, 3 blooms, over 4 " diameter
46. Any other annual not listed, 3 stems, named (not
a shrub or vine)
47. Any other perennial not listed, 3 stems, named
48. Any bloom (not a rose) floating in a dish, bloom
not to touch sides or bottom of dish

Walker Industries Special
Exhibitor with the most points in the Cut flower
Section 17-48 receives a prize from Walker Industries

Walker Industries Special
Best Entry in the Cut flower Section 17-48 receives
a prize from Walker Industries

Tullamore Lavender Co. Special - Sponsored by
Stephanie Craig and
Steven Larmer
A bouquet of 25 stems of homegrown lavender.
Any variety, dried and tied with a string.
1st prize - $25.00; 2nd prize - $15.00; 3rd prize $10.00

Design & Arrangements
Prizes for Sections 49-58: 1st $7.00, 2nd $5.00,
3rd $3.00
49. Wildflower arrangement in a suitable container
50. 'It's Valentine's Day' arrangement in a Red
container using red and white flowers
51. "Birthday Party" design in a novelty container for
a child's birthday party
52. "Blazing Blooms" all around bouquet in a clear
container using the colours Orange and Red
53. Bouquet of your best garden bloomers, included
at least 4 different varieties
54. "Get Well Soon" Arrangement
55. "Good Morning" Bright colours in a coffee mug
56. One sided triangular arrangement
57. Bouquet of Zinnias in antique container
58. Arrangement in a tea pot

In Memory of Nell Powell Special
- Sponsored by Janice Walsh and Teunie Laros
“Proud to be Canadian” An Arrangement using
red and white and a Canadian Flag

1st prize - $10.00; 2nd prize - $6.00; 3rd prize $4.00

Walker Industries Special
1st Prize winner in Section 53 receives a
prize from Walker Industries

Walker Industries Special
1st prize winner in Section 56 receives a
prize from Walker Industries

Donna’s Designs for You Special
Most points in Design and Arrangement Section
(49-58). Winner receives a $50.00 Gift Certificate
to Donna’s Designs for You

Arthur Greenhouses Special
2nd with Most points winner in Design
and Arrangement Section (49-58)
Receives a $15.00 gift certificate.

Walker Industries Special
Exhibitor with the most points in Sections
1-16 receives a prize from Walker 

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