Welcome to the 2021 Arthur Agricultural Society’s Fall Fair!  For 165 years, we have been promoting agriculture in various ways.  In the past, the weekend after Labour Day we have enjoyed hosting a traditional fall fair.


In 2020 when it appeared that cancellation of the traditional Fall Fair was the only option, the “Virtual Fall Fair” was born.  This is the new method of holding a Fall Fair in order to bring it to the public and allow participation in the various activities offered.  It is a unique way for our Fair to bring agriculture to the general public.


It gives me great pleasure to invite everybody to check out our 2021 Fall Fair virtually and participate in the many activities that are available.


Our Fair is brought to the public by many great dedicated volunteers along with support from our local businesses.  On behalf of the Arthur Agricultural Society, I want to thank you all for you support.  Our Fair has tremendous community involvement.


In the future, look for the traditional Fall Fair to return as well as the virtual Fair.  Our Fair weekend is September 10th, 11th and 12th in 2021 and the theme this year is “Family Ties and Homemade Pies”.


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Carl Billiald, President

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