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Open Driving Show

*Featuring Classes for Ontario Sidesaddle Association (OSA)

Diana Macdonald cell: 519-400-7675/

Vivianne Macdonald 519-848-5824


Saturday, September 9, 2023 - RAIN OR SHINE 

Driving 9:30AM SHARP, Ontario Sidesaddle Classes NOT BEFORE 11:00AM

Fenced sand ring 100’ X 200’, separate grass warm-up/holding area

Judge: TBA

Rules and Regulations:

  • All exhibitors and spectators MUST pay annual membership/gate entry to Arthur Agricultural Society upon entry to the grounds. Exhibitors will get credited their entry fee to their first class entered.

  • Exhibitors must show proof of minimum $3 million off-farm liability insurance (Ontario Equestrian, Canadian Recreational Horse and Rider Association or other 3rd party)

  • Driving to follow ADS/American Driving Society rules

  • Sidesaddle may be English, Western or Period/Historical. These classes will be judged as showing classes, manners, way or going and conformation will all be taken into account. - 25% conformation and action, 25% manners and way of going, 25% rider and 25% turnout of horse and rider.

  • Sidesaddle Concours D’Elegance - the sole criteria is the elegance of the picture presented by horse and rider. Attention may be paid to the rider’s personal appearance, but detailed inspection of rider and tack is not required. Period /Historical Attire is permitted.

  • Entries to be made at ringside or can be emailed to prior to noon Friday of show weekend

  • Entry fee $15.00 per class

  • OSA Concours D’Elegance Class for Award only, no prize money

  • Youth exhibitors under 18 years of age must have signature or consent by parent or guardian on entry form

  • Youth may NOT show stallions

  • Pairs and tandems will show in their appropriate size classes

  • Marathon vehicles are permitted, though Pleasure Driving vehicles are preferred

  • Wire-wheeled and pneumatic-tired vehicles are prohibited – exception antique vehicles with long wire spokes and hard rubber tires.

  • All Junior Exhibitors must wear properly fastened ASTM approved protective headgear while mounted or in driven vehicles. It is encouraged that all Drivers wear protective headgear in all driven classes.

  • OSA requires that all riders wear helmets in the aside classes

  • Green/Coach Assisted Division is open to equine and/or driver who have been competing less than 2 years (ie in 2023 – not to have competed before 2021). Where appropriate coaches or able-bodied handler may accompany the driver. Headers allowed in line-up.

  • In the Cones classes, Green/Coach Assisted are to go in the appropriate size class, and equines may go twice – once with experienced driver and once with Green/Coach Assisted driver

  • VSE = Very Small Equine) less than 99cms with or without shoes

  • Dogs must be on a leash at all times. While in the vehicle MUST not be attached to the carriage but restrained from jumping free. 

  • Classes may be combined/split at show discretion based on number of entries.

  • Calls to class and announcements are a courtesy, please be ready for your classes


Prize money in all classes: $20, $15, $12, $10, $8

Class Schedule


1. VSE Working

2. Pony Working

3. Horse Working

4. Green/Coach Assisted Working

5. VSE Turnout

6. Pony Turnout

7. Horse Turnout

8. Green/Coach Assisted Turnout

9. VSE Reinsmanship

10. Pony Reinsmanship

11. Horse Reinsmanship

12. Green/Coach Assisted Reinsmanship

13. OSA Sidesaddle Walk/Trot

14. OSA Sidesaddle Walk/Trot/Canter

15. OSA Sidesaddle Concours d’Elegance

16. Combination Drive and Ride




17. Driving Costume

18. Driving Barrels/Clover Leaf

19. Driving Down and Back

20. Driving Command

21. Driving Dog and Equine

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