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Beautiful Baby Show

Saturday, September 9th, 2023

NEW TIME***Registration at 10:00AM. Show at 10:30AM

Arthur Community Centre - Auditorium Stage Lower Hall


Conveners: Mandy Jones 519-993-6263; Aleasha Hansen;

Kelsey Lennox and the 2023 Fair Ambassador Contestants.



1. Baby Bump (pregnant ladies)

2. Baby Girl (0-3 months)

3. Baby Boy (0-3 months)

4. Baby Girl (4-6 months)

5. Baby Boy (4-6 months)

6. Baby Girl (7-12 months)

7. Baby Boy (7-12 months)

8. Baby Girl (13-18 months)

9. Baby Boy (13-18 months)

10. Baby Girl (19-24 months)

11. Baby Boy (19-24 months)

Every participant will be entered into grand prize draws, receive a personalized certificate and have their photo taken with the Fall Fair Ambassador.


There is no exhibitor fee required.  Please be prepared to pay Fair admission.

Contestants are to be in the Auditorium by 10:15am at the latest to sign-in and fill out the information form available at the front table near the stage.


Thank you to our generous sponsors who kindly donate money or gifts to our Beautiful  Baby Show. A full list of sponsors can be found on our website.

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