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2021 Virtual Arthur Fall Fair
Classes, Sections, and Entries


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2021 Virtual Fair Classes:

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Class 24 – Field Crops

  1. Photo of square or round baling of hay or straw

  2. Photo of a combine harvesting crops

  3. Photo of a forage harvesting and filling silo

Class 28 – Fruits and Vegetables

  1. Collection of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, and beans displayed on a plate/platter/charcuterie board/cutting board with a jar of one or two of these vegetables preserved.

  2. Collection of root vegetables displayed in a basket with an item used for planting, e.g., trowel.

Class 29 – Plants and Flowers

  1. Dahlia – one large decorative with a ruler showing its size.

  2. Arrangement of garden flowers in a milk or cream pitcher

  3. Biggest Sunflower head – show with measuring tape for the width of the head.

Class 30 – Baking –

  1. Nailed It! Challenge. Cupcakes -- As seen on Pinterest style. – Pick one of the 3 photos to recreate.

  2. Best Pie Top Pastry Design

Class 32 – Preserves.

  • Take a photo of how you would serve your preserves listed below.

  • Must be made by the entrant.

  1. Strawberry Jam

  2. Salsa

  3. Dill pickles

Class 32 Special: Bernardin Special: Bernardin SNAP Lid® / Mason Jar Creative Craft:

  • Best Decorative or Functional Homemade Craft using a Bernardin mason jar(s) and/or 2-piece SNAP lid.

  • Winner with most likes Wins Gift certificate from Bernardin.

Class 33 – Antiques

  1. Pie holder

  2. Apple peeler

  3. Old oval picture with family picture included.

  4. Picture of Old car with an adult included.

Class 34 – Home crafts and Quilts



Class to be pictures only, not judged (except for the special).

  1. A quilt any method, larger than child size.

  2. A quilted wall hanging

  3. A quilted runner

  4. A Quilted object using neckties.


If you have a story to put with any of these sections that illustrates our theme “Family Ties and Homemade Pies” that would be great.

Quilt Block Special in Memory of Karen McDougall Sponsored by Melanie McDougall

A 12.5-inch unfinished block with an off white or cream background. Must be a Maple Leaf.
Must use batiks in nature tones.
Prizes: 1st $10, 2nd $6, and 3rd $4

Blocks will be retained and donated to the Outreach committee of the Grand Quilt Guild, Fergus
Please mail or drop off blocks to Janice Walsh, 8832 Wellington Rd 16. RR#4 Kenilworth N0G 2E0 519-848-2022

Or drop off to Jenny Bodz - 121 Walton Street, Arthur


Entries must be in by August 1st (to facilitate judging and photos for website)

“Joyce is our Star” Special, in Memory of Joyce Schnurr Sponsored by Joyce Eckersley and Janice Walsh

A 12 1⁄2” Quilt Block pattern – must be a star pattern. Use shades and tints of blue. Extra points for sparkle. Blocks to be retained and donated to Victoria Quilts.
Prizes – 1st $10, 2nd $6, and 3rd $4

Entries to be mailed or delivered to Janice Walsh, 8832 Wellington Rd 16. RR#4 Kenilworth N0G 2E0

Or drop off to Jenny Bodz, 121 Walton Street, Arthur

Entries must be in by August 1st (to facilitate judging and photos for website)



Class 35 – Fashion and Miscellaneous

  1. Baby Afghan- knit or crochet

  2. A pair of socks

  3. Adult toque and scarf - knitted.

  4. Sewn article of clothing.

  5. Sewn article with hand embroidery.

Class 36 Crafts & Fine Arts

  1. A painting of any medium (Pen/ink, oil, water colour)

  2. Something useful out of something useless - Both pictures please. 3. A door wreath, any medium (Mesh, fabric)

  3. A barn quilt, painted 2 feet x 2 feet

  4. Mandala colouring picture

  5. Your favourite craft

Class 36 Woodworking

  1. Wooden toy

  2. An item made from barn board

Class 36 Seasonal

  1. Dinner table arrangement (easter) 10.Easter gift basket for an adult.


CLASS 36 scrapbooking

Page Sizes: 12 x 12 or 8 x 11 page 11.Covid 2020

  1. Happy days

  2. Look what my kid(s) did!!

Class 37 - Schools - each school who participates will receive $20.00 for their participation.
Deadline to send us your picture is September 10th so we can upload to website. Please email picture


  1. Picture of your School’s “Welcome Back” Display to the 2021-2022 School Year

Class 38 – Youth – 19 years and under as of June 30, 2021

  1. A picture of a Lego building–no size restrictions!

  2. Paper plate pie craft

  3. Photo of your vegetable garden

  4. Family Portrait – any medium of art

Youth colouring page activity​ - Click the PDF on the right to download

Class 39 – Special Needs – Any Age

  1. Unassisted - Draw a picture representing Fair theme

  2. Assisted (hand over hand) - Collage of Shapes creating a Picture

Class 40 - Photography

  1. Sunset or Sunrise

  2. A baked pie

  3. Crops growing in the field

  4. Your Family Bubble

  5. A household Pet (s)

  6. A Covid activity

Youth - Virtual Pet Show!


  • Each competitor may submit and upload one picture per class only or will be disqualified.

  • All photos uploaded must have been taken for this competition. No watermarked photos will be permitted. All photography must be original, no professional photos permitted.

  • Photos must be uploaded at the time of registration.

  • Deadline for submissions is September 10th 2021. 

  • Picture for each class with the most likes will win a gift certificate or prize from a local store. All participants will receive a ribbon for participating. No Prize Money will be given out this year.

  • Please no children present in the picture, or a photo release will need to be signed.

  1. My pet sleeps funny

  2. Best smile

  3. Pet in costume

Virtual Car Show – send in photos – only 1 picture per entrant per section.


  1. Convertible car

  2. Sports car

  3. 4 door sedans

  4. Pickup truck

Virtual Tractor Show– send in photos – only 1 picture per entrant per section.


  1. 2wd/4wd under 100 hp

  2. 2wd/4wd100-200hp

  3. 4wd row crop over 200 hp

  4. 4wd articulated tractor

  5. 2 track tractors

  6. 4 track tractors