Class 38:Youth Work & Specials

Theme: "Family Ties & Homemade Pies”

Directors:  Lianne Kaminski 519-261-0979, Barb Jones, June Mullin and Heather Rosegaar


Rules and Regulations:

1. 19 years of age and under as of June 30, 2020
2. No mixes
3. All food items to be in plastic bags
4. Cookies and squares to be on suitably sized foil or paper plates in plastic bags
5. All entries to be in the Youth Palace and ticketed by Friday Sept. 11th, 2020 at 11:30 AM
6. No entry fee required
7. All entries to be the work of exhibitor
8. All entries to be on paper no smaller than 8” x 10” and no larger than 18” x 24”, unless otherwise stipulated
9. Any children entering adult classes must pay $5.00 membership fee and receive an adult exhibitor number
10. One entry per person per section category. (Ex. Your child can only exhibit 1 item in Section A: 2)
11. Each tag must have child’s age in top right corner
12. Exhibitors must pick up their own exhibits on Sunday, September 13th, 2020 at 4:30 pm after removal by a Director – No one is allowed in the hall between 4:00 pm and 4:30 pm
How to Enter:
Exhibits may be taken to the arena on Thursday, September 10th, 2020 between 7:00-9:00 pm. or between 9:00 am & 11:30 am on Friday, September 11th, 2020
Volunteers will be on hand to assist you in filling out entry forms and placing exhibits in Youth Palace (Curling Club ice surface) after registration in the Arena Lobby with the Secretary

Section A – Handicrafts

Prizes: $4.00; $3.00; $2.00


1. Edible Necklace
2. Largest or Best Maple Leaf, pressed or waxed and mounted on paper
3. Woodworking – one article, not from a kit
4. An article of sewing (fabric sample attached)
5. An item of clay sculpture-not from a kit
6. Pieced quilt block – 25 cm or larger (fabric sample attached)
7. Tin can or toilet paper totem pole – must be able to stand
8. Unique vehicle made from Lego, K-Nex etc – displayed on a lid or tray
9. Decorated Fly Swatter
10. Bookmark or Fridge Magnet – 10 years old and under
11. Bookmark or Fridge Magnet – 11-19 years old
12. Handmade Christmas tree decoration
13. Collection from a walk – 6 - 12 items, contained in an egg carton ---updated---
14. Model made from a kit
15. Trash to Treasure – any re-purposed craft-get creative!
16. Article of crocheting – yarn sample attached
17. Paper plate pie - using paper plates and crafting materials (non edible).--- NEW---
18. Homemade Garland – any occasion
19. Any other craft NOT listed – 10 years and under
20. Any other craft NOT listed – 11-19 years


Oriole Blyth Special

Exhibitor with the most points in Section A receives $5.00


Four Corners Quilt Guild Special

1st place winner of section A- 6 (Pieced Quilt Block) receives an extra $5.00


 Sparks, Brownies, Girl Guides & Pathfinders Special

Make a craft using recyclable items.

Judging will be based on creative use of recycled item(s) as well as craftsmanship

This category is open ONLY to members of the groups below.

Section: A.) Sparks B.) Brownies C.) Girl Guide D.) Pathfinder

Sponsored by Jack and Karen McDougall

Prize Money for each section: 1st: $5.00 2nd: $4.00 3rd: $3.00 

Section B– Baking

Prizes: $4.00; $3.00; $2.00

Use paper plates and place in clear plastic bag.


1. M&M or Smartie Cookies – plate of 5
2. Homemade Butter Tarts – plate of 3
3. Favourite Homemade Squares– plate of 3 (attach recipe)
4. Plate of three nutritious snacks
5. Bake and decorate cupcakes – plate of 3
6. Loaf of bread, may use the bread machine
7. Brownies – iced, plate of 3

Oriole Blyth Special

Exhibitor with the most points in Section B receives $5.00


Robin Hood Flour Best Lunch Box Snack Contest - 16 years and younger.

Best homemade squares, bars or cookies – 5, displayed on a disposable plate, covered with a plastic bag. Please list the name of the recipe on your entry tag.

Judging will be based on appearance, taste, and texture and recipe creativity.

1st Prize - $15.00, all other worthy entries $2.00


O.A.A.S. Youth Plain Chocolate Chip Cookie Competition

Prizes $5.00; $3.00; $2.00

Open to all Youth ages 15 years and younger as of December 31, 2020

8 Chocolate Chip Cookies to be shown displayed on a firm disposable plate in a plastic bag

Cookies to be no larger than 3” (6.75 cm) and no smaller than 2” (5 cm.) No nuts to be added.

District Competition

The winner from each fair will be eligible to enter at the District Competition. Same rules apply

Prize Money to be paid by District 7


Section C Horticulture

Prizes: $4.00; $3.00; $2.00

Display on paper plates, do not need to cover. 

Please click this link OAAS Horticulture Judging Standards and Tips for displaying your vegetables 

1. Carrots, 3, stem on (of uniform size)
2. Cherry Tomatoes, 5
3. Beets, 3 (of uniform size)
4. Potatoes, 3 (of the same variety and size)
5. Oddest Shaped Vegetable
6. Tallest Sunflower
7. Largest Squash (ex. butternut, acorn, spaghetti etc.)
8. Largest Pumpkin
9. Homemade Fairy Garden – in a suitable container

10. Longest Zucchini ---NEW---


Oriole Blyth Special

Exhibitor with the most points in Section C receives $5.00


All Treat Farms Special

First place winner in section C- 8 wins an All Treat Special


Arthur Horticultural Society Special

A flower display showing Canadian colours. (red and white)

Feel free to include accessories in your display

Prizes: 1st $6.00; 2nd $4.00; 3rd $3.00 All other worthy entries $1.00


Elwin Gimblet Memorial Special – Tallest Corn Stalk

Tallest stalk of corn shown by girl or boy under 16 years, one entry per child.  ROOTS REMOVED.

Prizes: 1st $10.00; 2nd $5.00; all other worthy entries $2.00


Arthur Agricultural Society Special – Tallest Weed

Tallest weed shown by girl or boy under 18 years. One entry per child.  ROOTS REMOVED

Prizes: 1st $5.00; 2nd $3.00; all other worthy entries $1.00


Section D Fine Arts

Prizes: $4.00; $3.00; $2.00

1. A Sketch, in pencil or pen and ink
2. Picture using pastels
3. Handcrafted invitation to a birthday party 
4. Item of handcrafted jewelry
5. Acrylic or oil painting
6. Trucks and Tractors Collage 
7. Watercolour Painting

8. Family Portrait - any medium - ages 9 and up ---NEW---

9. Draw your family tree - 3 generations if applicable - ages 8 and under ---NEW---

10. Leaf Rubbing Art --- NEW---


Oriole Blyth Special

Exhibitor with the most points in Section D receives $5.00


Wellington County Farm & Home Safety Association Special

A.)Students in Grade: Junior Kindergarten to Grade 2

On an 8.5 x11 sheet of paper draw a fire escape plan for your house. Show the location of fire extinguishers and smoke alarms. Prize Money: 1st $5.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00

B.) Students in Grade 3 to Grade 6

On an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper draw a picture on any safety topic. Include a sentence on the poster to explain the poster. Prize Money: 1st $10.00, 2nd $5.00, 3rd $3.00

C.) Students in Grade 7 to Grade 9

On an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper draw a picture on any safety topic. Include a sentence on the poster to explain the poster. Prize Money: 1st $10.00, 2nd $5.00, 3rd $3.00


O.A.A.S. Youth Fair Poster Competition – “Promoting your fair”

Prizes for each section of this special: $4.00; $3.00; $2.00


Section A.) Junior Class: kindergarten up to and including Grade 4

Section B.) Intermediate Class:  Grade 5 to Grade 8

Section C.) Senior Class:  Grade 9 to Grade 12

Criteria for all sections:

Must be hand drawn, designed and include the following info on the poster to promote of 2021 fair:
Arthur Fall Fair
September 9th-12th 2021
Theme: “Homegrown, Homemade and Farm Fresh.”

Poster size: Minimum – 8 ½” x 11” (22 cm x 28 cm) to a Maximum – 11” x 17” (28 cm x 44 cm)

Each entry must be mounted on a BLACK ART CARD or BRISTOL BOARD showing a 2” border

NOTE: 1st Place Winners Poster from each section will be used by the Arthur Agricultural Society to promote the 2021 fair in their print material.

District Competition

The winner at each fair will be eligible to enter at the District Competition.  Same rules apply for District.

Arthur Minor Hockey Association Specials

Section A.) Ages: 3-7 Create a poster on 8.5 x 11 paper showing why you love hockey!

Artwork to be featured on AMHA Thank you correspondence to sponsors & volunteers!

Prize: 1st: 4.00, 2nd: $3.00, 3rd $2.00

Section B.) Ages: 8-12 Design our 2019/2020 Annual Banquet program cover!

Requirements: -must contain “2019/2020 Annual Banquet” -Must contain ‘AMHA’

size 8.5x5.5 (half of a letter size page)

Prize: 1st: 4.00, 2nd: $3.00, 3rd $2.00

Section C.) All Ages Create a poem about why you love hockey!

To be presented on white unlined paper. Be creative & design a border!
Prize: 1st: 4.00, 2nd: $3.00, 3rd $2.00

NOTE: Top 3 Winners artwork from each of this Specials Section (A, B, C) will become the property of Arthur Minor Hockey and will be on display in the Foyer and used for Print Promo materials.


Section E: Youth Photography


1.) Each entry must be mounted onto a black Bristol board with a 1 inch board

2.) Photos must be taken by the exhibitor

3.) All entry tags must be attached to the bottom LEFT corner so as not to obscure the photos

Prizes: 1st $5.00; 2nd $3.00; 3rd $2.00


1.) 3 photos of your Family
2.) 2 photos of your favourite Vacation
3.) 3 photos of your favourite farm animals
4.) 1 photo of a Vegetable Garden
5.) 1 picture of 3 or more family generations doing an activity together ---NEW---
6.) 1 photo of a 4-H Activity

7.) 1 photo of a bird in your backyard ---NEW---

Brea Smith Photography Special
Mount Photo(s) on black Bristol board with a 1-inch border.
Attached entry tag to the bottom Left Corner of the black Bristol board.
Section A.) Ages 5 – 9 years
Take 1 photo of something that shows you JOY.

Prize Money: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00

Section B.) Ages 10 – 19 years
Choose a 4 -7 letter word that positively describes the Arthur Fall Fair.
Spell it out with our own original photo alphabet letters.

Prize Money: 1st $4.00, 2nd $3.00, 3rd $2.00