Pet Show and Frog Jumping

Director: Lisa Stroszka 519-546-5391, Sabrina Stroszka and Tammy Stortz

Sunday, September 13th, 2020

 Time: 1:00 PM @ the Optimist Pavilion

Class 23A Pet Show

Sponsored by:  "Paws in the Kitchen"

Judges: Alana Wagg & 2020 Fair Ambassador Contestants

Rules and Regulations:

1. All cats and dogs must be vaccinated for RABIES.

2. Owners must clean up after pets.

3. All animals must be caged or on leash while on the Fair Grounds.

4. One entry only in each section, by each exhibitor.

5. No entry fee or membership fee.

6. Exhibitors 16 years old and under.

7. No animals are allowed in buildings.

8. Prizes and Ribbons will be awarded.



1. Best costume pet and owner

2. Largest rabbit

3. Dog with biggest smile

4. Most unusual pet

5. Cat with longest whiskers

6. Dog-best kisser

7. Largest pet

8. Smallest pet

9. Best trick for a puppy (under 1 year)

10. Furriest pet

11. Best Matching pair of animals.



Class 23 B Frog Jumping Contest

Sponsored by Arthur Agricultural Society


Rules and Regulations:                           Prizes for the first three frogs out of the circle    

1. You must supply your own frog                                      1st $4.00; 2nd $3.00; 3rd $2.00

2. Entrant may be assisted by an adults           Ribbons for the largest and smallest frogs