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Welcome to the 166th Arthur Fall Fair. It is my pleasure, and an honor, to represent the Arthur Agricultural Society, as we host the Fair on September 9th, 10th and 11 this year.

There are many events at this year's Fair. Some are traditional like previous years, however, there are new ones too, that guests of all ages can enjoy.

Please join in with the traditional Kick Off Beef Supper on Thursday, September 8th. It is an event that promises a delicious beef supper with many friends and family, and a chance to socialize as well.

Throughout the weekend, there is a long list of activities for the whole family. It is best to read through the Fall Fair Book. It gives you all of the activities and the times they take place over the weekend. Guests attending have the option of a daily pass, or choose the weekend pass, that allows access all weekend.

Our Fall Fair is a community event. It is successful because of the many dedicated
volunteers, and sponsors, who contribute to make it all possible.

On behalf of the Arthur Agricultural Society, I welcome you to come and take part in
the Fair, and look forward to seeing you there.

Like the theme for the 166th Fair says "Let's Celebrate"

Carl Billiald

Congratulations and thank you to the Arthur Agricultural Society and your many volunteers for bringing the community together for the 2022 Fall Fair with the Theme: "Let's Celebrate!". What a perfect theme for us as we are also celebrating Arthur’s 150 th  year of incorporation in 2022. Who will ever forget our community coming together and the amazing celebration we had over this past Canada Day Weekend?
As a community we have much to celebrate and much to be thankful for. Wellington North boasts diversified employment and business opportunities, and we are surrounded by the natural beauty of our rural areas that anchor our strong agricultural roots. Exceptional volunteer participation drives many of our local activities and contributes to the wide range of community events, cultural, recreational and leisure activities for everyone.
Wellington North is such a fantastic place to live, work and play! I can hardly wait to celebrate with everyone at the 2022 Arthur Fall Fair.

Andy Lennox,


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