2021 Fairbook coming soon!

Join us virtually! Submit your entries to our email

May submit multiple entries per person per category. Submission is on now! 


  • All entries to be submitted by September 10th. Email your photos to:

  • Must include in the subject line the section and category you are entering in.  

  • Entries will be available for viewing online Friday Sept 11th.  

  • Please do not include photos of youth (19 years and under).  

  • Special Arthur Fall Fair Covid 19 ribbons will be mailed out to each participant.

    • Please include your name and mailing address in the submission email 

  • Special Covid 19 rosettes will be awarded to a participant by public vote, “Fan Favourite”.  



RULES & REGULATIONS – apply to all categories 


1. All entries must be handmade, and not computer generated. 

2. Use a white/neutral background when taking photos, if possible. 

3. All arts & crafts must be the work of the exhibitor. 

4. Exhibitor must have taken all photos when entering the photography classes. Amateur photographers only. 

5. All photos must be in colour. 

6. Roots, vegetables and flowers must be home grown. 

7. Youth section is for 19 years and under as on June 1, 2020