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RULES for the 2021 Virtual Arthur Fall Fair 

1A. All Online Entry Forms must be received through the online entry platform by midnight Friday September 10th 2021. 

- Entries for online entry forms MUST be submitted at the same time as you submit your entry form (i.e., Pictures and video). You can add your categories to the "cart" but do not check out until you have uploaded all photos of your entries.

1B. All Paper (Mailed) Entry Forms must be postmarked no later than Mon. August 23rd, 2021. 

- If/when mailing please do not lick the envelopes but seal them with tape/glue. - Entries for paper entry forms are to be mailed and postmarked no later than Mon. August 23rd and sent to: 

Arthur Fall Fair Homecraft Entry 

PO Box 771, Arthur, ON 


- Mailed entries MUST include the exhibitor’s name and category attached to each entry photo. These photos will be scanned to our website. 

  1. All entries must be submitted on the printed Entry Form provided in this prize list catalogue or through the online platform on the website. Paper Entry Forms can be photocopied if more space is required. Entry Forms must be dated and signed by the exhibitor when mailing. 

  2. For all online entries, all photos of entries must be originals taken by the Exhibitor. A maximum of one entry photo per section will be accepted. 

  3. All exhibitors must be amateurs. 

  4. All exhibits must not have been previously shown at the Arthur Fall Fair.

  5. No person shall enter more than one article per section. 

  6. Any questions pertaining to specific exhibits should be directed to Co-Secretaries: Jenny Bodz 519- 362-0597 or Lianne Kaminski 519-261-0979 

  7. Items entered will be Show ‘n’ Tell base this year. No judging. Only Judging will be when we ask  the general population to vote on their favourite exhibit. Winner of these votes per section will  receive a gift card, valued at $10. 

  8. Each Participant will be awarded a ribbon for each entry. 

  9. Entries will not be on physical display this year, but entries will be displayed virtually on our website and Facebook. 

  10. Photo Exhibits will not be returned and will become property of the Arthur Fall Fair to be used in the future at the discretion of the fair. 

  11. The Society will not be responsible for any loss or postal disruptions in the delivery of the entries.

  12. All prizes are donated by the Arthur Agricultural Society unless otherwise stated.

  13. If you require assistance with our online entry system, please contact us at

  14. To enter our 2021 Virtual Fall Fair please browse our website to your desired category, click the registration button and follow the steps in AssistExpo. You will need to create an Assist Expo  account which will be used for future Arthur Fall Fair entries. 

15. The show will be open to any resident in Canada.

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