Western Horse Shows

Sunday September 8th, 2019


Games Classes will not start before 2 p.m.

Strangles in the Equine Community

The Arthur Agricultural Society is aware of the present situation in the equine community concerning strangles. We have consulted a number of expert sources to seek advice and to determine our course of action. At this time the Pony and Western Horse Shows are scheduled to proceed. 
It is very important that all competitors be aware of possible risks associated with contact from horses from other stables.
We ask that if your horse has a cough, nasal discharge, enlarged lymph nodes and/or a temperature, to refrain from moving that horse from the farm. Also, we ask that any horses or ponies that have visited a barn, or have boarded at a barn that has had an active case of strangles in the last 30 days, to remain at home. It is imperative that everyone be considerate of other people’s horses welfare.
We will continue to monitor the situation and will advise you if there is any change to the status of the shows. 

Directors: Shannon Nelson 519-313-1257 & Robert Macdonald

Judge: Christy McMullen

Sand Ring 100’ x 200’


Rules & Regulations:

1. 5.00 gate admission is required in lieu of the previous years’ 5.00 membership.
2. Entries to be made at ringside
3. Entry fee $5.00 per class (except class 13)
~ Prize money for all classes except class 13: $25. $20. $15. $10. $5.
~ Entry fee for Class 13 $10.00
~ Prize Money for Class 13 only: $50. $40. $30. $20. $10.
4. Exhibitors must show proof of $1 million liability
5. OPEN classes are for any age contestant
6. Youth exhibitors under 18 years must have signature or consent by parent or guardian on entry form
7. Youth may not show stallions
8. Adult classes’ exhibitors must be at least 18 years on day of fair.
9. Exhibitors under 18 years must wear properly fastened protective head gear in speed events
Exhibitors are encouraged to wear protective headgear in all classes.
10. OEF Membership accepted as proof of insurance



  1. 1. OPEN Mare Halter
    2. OPEN Colt/Gelding/Stallion Halter
    3. OPEN Showmanship
    4. YOUTH Showmanship
    5. Lead-line
    6. Walk Trot/jog (competitors cannot enter loping classes if entering this class)
    7. OPEN Trail
    8. YOUTH Western Pleasure
    9. OPEN Local Western Pleasure (rider must reside within 25 km of Arthur)
    10. ADULT Western Horsemanship
    11. YOUTH Western Horsemanship
    12. ADULT Western Pleasure
    13. OPEN Western Pleasure - STAKE
    14. Pee Wee/Beginner Barrels
    15. Open Barrel Race
    16. Youth Barrel Race
    17. Senior 40+ Barrel Race
    18. Backyard Barrel Race (rider must reside within 25 km of Arthur)
    19. Open Flag
    20. Open Dash for Cash
    21. Open Keyhole
    22. Open Pole Bending

The Arthur Agricultural Society Acknowledges all the Businesses and Individuals who generously donated prize money and gifts to our Western Horse Show.

Check out our Facebook page: ‘2019 Arthur Fall Fair Western Horse Show’ for more details.