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Group Organization Displays

(Open to Minor Sports, Agricultural Societies, Church Groups, etc.)

Prizes: $25.00; $20.00; $15.00; $10.00 for all worthy entries



No entry fee. 

~ Space allowed is approximately 4’deep x 8’ wide and 4’ high backdrop. 

~ One entry from each organization. 

~ Entries to be made in the name of the organization exhibiting and the display to be arranged by them. 

~ Props allowed for displaying, not to be judged.

~ Include a list of items you include in your display.

~ Using the theme of the fair create a display; overall appearance to be judged.

~ Include a minimum of 8 items and you can use 2 props.

~ Identification Card with exhibitors group name to be left face down until after judging.

~ Preregister your group’s entry with the Fair Secretary: by Tuesday September 5th, 2023 to ensure space is reserved.


THEME: “Tractors and Tailgates”


Items to include:


  • Quilt depicting the theme.

  • Model Tractor

  • Model Truck

  • Model Farm Implement

  • Arrangement of Wildflowers & Grain in an insulated coffee mug

  • Picture of an Antique tractor

  • Picnic basket

  • Gingham tablecloth

  • Bib apron

  • Calendar from a farm dealership

  • Novelty item constructed with Truck or Tractor Fabric

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