Group Displays

Group Organizations Displays

(Open to Minor Sports, Agricultural Societies, Church Groups, etc.)

Prizes: $25.00; $20.00; $15.00

($10.00 for all worthy entries)



No entry fee.

Space allowed is approximately 4’deep x 8’ wide and 4’ high backdrop.

One entry from each organization.

Entries to be made in the name of the organization exhibiting and the display to be arranged by them.

Props allowed for displaying, not to be judged

Label the item you have included from the list.

Using the theme of the fair create a display; overall appearance to be judged

Choose 10 items plus 2 more and you can use 2 props.

Identification Card with exhibitors group name to be left face down till after judging.

Preregister your group’s entry with the Fair Secretary at by September 1st 2019.


FAIR THEME: "Mason Jars and Vintage Cars”


Items to include:

  • Jar of Buttons

  • Jam

  • Pickles

  • Soup Mix

  • Canner

  • Blancher

  • Gift of Preserves

  • Bath Salts

  • Craft using a Mason Jar

  • Craft using a Mason Jar Lid

  • Model Car

  • Snapshot of a Vintage Car

  • Old License Plate

  • Mason Jar Fruit

  • Baking Mix