Class 35: Fashions & Miscellaneous

Directors: Evelyne Near, 519-848-6067, Terri Warden

Rules & Regulations:
1. All work must be the work of the exhibitor.
2. Judges are authorized to disqualify soiled, worn or inappropriate items.
3. Each exhibitor may have only one entry per section.
4. All work may be shown for no more than 2 years.
5. In cases of no competition, the prize will be withheld unless the exhibit is worthy of a prize.

6. Entries must be ticketed and placed by 11:30 am. Fri. Sept. 11th, 2020. THIS RULE WILL BE STRICTLY ENFORCED.

7. All New Exhibitors please mark your tag N.E by your name on the flip portion of the tag

8. Knitting to be hand done

9 All Baby clothing MUST NOT have loose strings or ties attached.


Prizes: $5.00; $4.00; $3.00


Baby’s set, 2 pieces, bonnet & jacket, knit

2. Baby’s sweater, knit

3. Baby’s afghan, knit

4. Child’s Nordic or Fair-Isle sweater, knit

5. Child’s mitts, knit

6. Child’s socks, knit

7. Child’s sweater, pullover, knit NOT NORDIC

8. Child’s sweater, cardigan, knit, NOT NORDIC
9. Child’s hat and scarf, knit

10. Child’s slippers, knit

11. Child’s poncho, knit

12. Scarf – endless or cowl, knit

13. Adult Mittens, knit

14. Lady’s dress sweater, fine yarn, knit NOT NORDIC

15. Lady’s sweater, pullover, knit, NOT NORDIC

16. Lady’s sweater, cardigan, knit, NOT NORDIC

17. Lady’s vest, knit, yarn, NOT NORDIC

18. Lady’s Nordic or Fair-Isle sweater

19. Article of “Arm Knitting” or "Finger Knitting"

20. Lady’s slippers, knit

21. Adult’s toque, knit

22. Man’s socks, knit, coarse

23. Man’s socks, knit, fine

24. Man’s pullover sweater, knit

25. Man’s cardigan, knit

26. Any other Knitting article not mentioned.

27. Afghan, Knit , Larger than 45"

Mary Maxim Special

Section 3, Baby’s Afghan, knit.

Winner receives $25.00 gift Certificate.


Len’s Mill Store Special

Exhibitor with the most Points in section 1-27 wins a $10.00 gift card


27. Baby’s dress, crochet

28. Baby’s set, 2 pieces, bonnet & jacket, crochet

29. Baby’s sweater, crochet

30. Baby’s afghan, crochet

31. Child’s hat and scarf set, crochet

32. Child’s slippers, crochet

33. Child’s poncho, crochet

34. Lady’s poncho or shawl, crochet

35. Adult slippers crochet

36. Towel, crochet trim

37. Messy Bun or Ponytail hat, crochet

38. Lap Afghan – no bigger than 45 x 45

39. 2 Different Potholders

40. Stove towel with Crochet top

41. Table cloth, crochet

42. Center piece suitable for dining room table, Crochet, not less than 16" mounted

43. Dolie 12" or less, mounted, Crochet

44. Afghan, Crochet, Larger than 45"

Spinrite Special

Section 30, Baby’s afghan, crochet

Winner receives a basket of yarn from Spinrite.


Len’s Mill Store Special

Exhibitor with the most Points in section 27-44 wins a $10.00 gift card



40. Baby’s outfit, sewn

41. Girl’s dress, sewn, size 2-6

42. Girl’s jumper, sewn size 7-14

43. Child’s nightwear, PJ’s or nightgown using a Serger

44. Child’s wearable item from fleece, sewn

45. Lady’s sweatshirt made into a cardigan (decorated)

46. Lady’s blouse or shirt, sewn

47. Lady’s article of clothing using a Serger, no hand sewing

48. Lady’s wearable item from fleece, sewn

49. Lady’s article of clothing pieced or quilted

50. Lady’s jacket, sewn - sponsored prize money see special

51. Lady's vest lined, sewn

52. Purse or Wallet, sewn

Elaine Densmore Memorial Special

Winner of Section 50 – Ladies jacket – sewn

Prizes: 1st: $20.00, 2nd: $10.00, 3rd: $5.00


Len’s Mill Store Special

Exhibitor with the most Points in section 40-52 wins a $10.00 gift card


53. Novelty item for baby’s room

54. One article smocking

55. Ski head band any method

56. One article sewing, new exhibitor, sample attached

57. Pillowcases, 1 pair, hand decorated

58. Pillowcases, 1 pair, machine decorated

59. Article of red or blue embroidery work

60. Halloween wall hanging, sample attached

61. Article of machine embroidery

62. “As seen on Pinterest” – an item you made from a Pinterest Idea – include picture from Pinterest.

H.A Kid Special

Exhibitor with most points in sections 53-62 wins a prize