Crafts, Fine Arts, Woodworking, Christmas, Seniors & Scrapbooking

Directors:  Lisa Stroszka- 519-546-5391, Kate O’Donnell, & Sabrina Stroszka

Rules & Regulations:

1. All domestic goods (sewing & crafts) must be work of the exhibitors.  Judges are authorized to disqualify soiled, worn or inappropriate items.

2. Each exhibitor may have only one entry per section

3. All work may be shown for not more than 2 years.

4. In cases of no competition, the prize will be withheld unless the exhibit is worthy of a prize.

5. Entries must be ticketed and placed by 11:30 am Friday, Sept. 6th, 2019. This rule will be strictly enforced. 

6. Safety pins, no straight pins should be used for attaching samples or tickets to article.

7. All yarn items to have samples of material used is required as part of your entry and should be securely fastened.

8. All pictures in Sections 1-3 must be framed and ready to hang.  Names to be covered.  One entry per section.

9. All New Exhibitors please mark your tag N.E by your name on the flip portion of the tag

Crafts & Fine Arts

Prizes: $5.00; $4.00; $3.00


1. Oil/Acrylic painting, new exhibitor
2. Seasonal Scene(s), oil/acrylic
3. Water colour, any size
4. Sketch, pencil or pen & ink
5. Picture, counted x stitch or needlepoint
6. An article of Macrame
7. An item of stained glass
8. A paper flower bouquet
9. A decorated t-shirt
10. An article made of felt
11. An item made of plastic canvas
12. Apron with the theme of the fair (mason jars and /or vintage cars)
13. A Wreath made from pom poms
14. A picture frame (inside or out) decorated
15. A doll, dressed (doll not necessarily handcrafted)
16. An item of counted x stitch, other than picture
17. A wreath with the theme included (mason jars and/or vintage cars)
18. An item of handcrafted jewelry, not made of wood
19. A Mandala Colouring Page Completed.
20. Garden Glass Art – under 24 inches
21. My favourite craft, any other method not listed in prize book
22. “As Seen on Pinterest” – A craft idea you got from Pinterest – include picture from Pinterest

Len’s Mill Store Special

Exhibitor with the most Points in section 1-22 wins a $10.00 gift card


Acme United Special

1st place winner in Section 12 wins a prize


Rules & Regulations:

1. Wooden articles must be constructed by exhibitor.

2. Items may be left natural, painted or varnished.

3. All work must not be shown for more than 2 years at a time.

4. In case of no competition (decision made by the judge), the prize will be withheld unless the exhibit is worthy  

of a prize.

Prizes: $4.00; $3.00; $2.00

23. A Wood burning cutting board
24. Welcome Sign for a wedding
25. An article made from Reclaimed wood
26. An article made from Skids
27. An article made from Barn Board
28. Wooden Child Toys, stained
29. Cutting Board made from two different kinds of wood
30. Cheese Board
31. Christmas decorations, ready to hang
32. Mantel Clock

Christmas in the Country

Prizes: $5.00; $4.00; $3.00

33. 2 Placemats, any season, any method
34. Pair of decorated candle holders (any holiday)
35. Dinner table arrangement (any holiday)
36. 2 Wine glasses decorated for a special occasion
37. Wall hanging (any holiday)
38. Christmas Wreath (door) ready to hang
39. Table runner (any holiday)
40. A Christmas Stocking with the fair theme. (max 24”)
41. Christmas apron
42. Christmas tree skirt
43. Christmas gift basket (using edible items)
44. A handcrafted Christmas card (with handmade envelope)
45. Christmas Scrapbook Page from 2018
46. 3 Ornaments ready for the Christmas tree

Len’s Mill Store Special

Exhibitor with the most Points in section 33-46 wins a $10.00 gift card

Scrapbooking & Card making

Rules & Regulations:

1. Must be on a 12x12 page and one side of page done only

2. Tag attached at bottom left of scrapbook page.

3. Youth Age Children (19 years & under) entering this class must pay the $5.00 Adult membership

Prizes: $5.00; $4.00; $3.00

47. A Scrapbook page: Canada Day
48. A Scrapbook page: 3 or 4 Generations
49. A Scrapbook page: Fall Fair Parade (any year)
50. A Scrapbook page: A new Arrival (baby or pet)
51. A Scrapbook page: Family Vacation
52. A scrapbook page: Something purple”
53. An exploding box: Christmas theme
54. A Handcrafted Card: Get Well (no envelope)
55. A handcrafted Card: Birthday Card (no envelope)
56. A handcrafted card: New Baby (no envelope)
57. A handcrafted card: Valentines Card (no envelope)
58. A handcrafted Card: Congratulations (no envelope)



Senior Citizens & Nursing Home

Age: 60 plus No membership payment required for this section

Prizes: $5.00; $4.00; $3.00

59. Article of knitting for a grandchild
60. Article of crochet for a grandchild
61. Collection of pictures, mounted, of “me” through the years, state age under each picture
62. House plant, potted
63. Article of embroidery
64. A Craft you learned in your childhood (old or new)
65. A Homemade Apron
66. An Adult Colouring Page completed

Penmanship Special for Senior Citizens 65 & over

Sponsored by Linda Saunders

Prizes: 1st: $10.00 2nd: $8.00, 3rd: $5.00

Instructions: On Unlined paper write the following poem:

“Mason Jar” Written by Jennifer Maupin
Mason Jar
I captured my childhood in a Mason jar
The firefly glowed on and off through the night
I threw the apples in the woods on a thin, brown stick
They were rotten and on the ground
I laughed with my best friend
And her laugh still echoes in my ears
Just like the ice cream truck that carried its melting goodies
for kids with dry mouths and tasty imaginations
We drank homemade grape juice and sweet tea from a jar
We ate homemade salsa from a jar
The jars held of good food and fireflies
and brought bonding to a lifelong friendship
I can still feel the grass blades on my bare feet
The pavement on my back
as I make shapes from floating clouds
The sun was friendly and the air was warm and flower fragrant
Time seemed to stand still for the children
running inside for supper
The night was silent, with only talking stars and moon pie cakes
And on the swing, I could fly and I was sailing into the messy
painted sunset that colored the sky, like it colored my world
I captured my childhood in a Mason jar
And I never let it out
I still carry it with me everywhere I go