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Class 33 – Antiques

Director: Marjorie Smith 519-848-3225, Kay Giles, Linda Lonsdale

Rules & Regulations:

1. An antique is recognized as any piece at least 50 years old

2. Small cracks or flaws will not disqualify items

3. All items will be placed behind a protective wire fence or in a glass cabinet

4. For safety, articles will be removed by committee members ONLY and be released to the owner

5. Entries must be ticketed and placed by 11:30 am September 8th, 2023. 

6. $5.00 Membership fee to exhibit.

NOTE: We will continue to do our utmost to return all antiques in the condition in which you bring them; however, all antiques are exhibited at the owner’s risk.


Prize Money:  1st $5.00; 2nd $4.00; 3rd $3.00


1. Metal Toy Tractor (old)

2. Old Metal Truck

3. Candle Mold

4. Brass Animal figure

5. Sock Darner Ball

6. Oldest Cookbook dated

7. Music Box

8. Ladies Wristwatch

9. Old Flour Sifter

10. Horse brass 3” to 4” in size

11. Old Hair Curling Irons

12. Old School book (reader)

13. China tea pot

14. Cheese Dish

15. Teachers School Bell

16. Old Model Car

17. Butter Dish

18. Hammer

19. Picture of Haying or Threshing (no larger 8x10)

20. Christmas Tree Topper

21. Cow Bell

22. Seamstress Scissors

23. Old Tea Kettle (not electric)

24. Alarm Clock

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