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Directors: Carl Billiald: 226-820-2184, John Beer, Bruce McIntosh


1. Entry Tag must be attached or inserted in the basket of grain or attached to the stalks
2. There are exhibiting baskets provided at the Arena when you bring your entry in.
3. Hay can be a sample from a large round or square bale, tied in a bundle
4. Exhibits for each section must be at the Arthur Arena for judging by 11:30AM on Friday, September 6th, 2024
5. Pick up of grain or hay must be on Sunday September 8th at 4:30PM, please let the committee members know
if you do not want it back.
6. There is a $5.00 membership and a $5.00 entry fee for each entry in the Seeds and Grain Section.

Prize Money is awarded based on number of entry fees collected at $5.00 per Seeds and grains sections, plus
money donated by Sponsors.

Prize Money for Section 2: Hay 1st: $5.00 2nd: $3.00, 3rd: $2.00
1.) Seeds or Grain:
1. ½ bushel of Canola, named, cleaned
2. ½ bushel of Flax, named, cleaned
3. ½ bushel of Millet, named, cleaned
4. ½ bushel Mixed Grain, named, cleaned, not treated
5. ½ bushel of Barley, named, cleaned
6. ½ bushel of Fall Wheat, named, cleaned
7. ½ bushel of Oats, named, cleaned
8. ½ bushel of Spring Wheat, named, cleaned
9. 10 Stalks of Soybeans
10. 10 stalks of Silage Corn, No roots
11. 8 cobs, Grain Corn
2.) Hay:
12. Hay, 1st cut, 6” slice from bale
13. Hay, 2nd cut 6” slice from bale
14. Hay, 1st cut, at least 50% grass, 6” slice from bale
15. Haylage, 1 qt. in plastic bag

We would like to recognize the following businesses who
kindly donate money for the Field Crop Competition:
The Agromart Group (Harriston)
Shawridge Farms Ltd., (Arthur)
Woodrill Farms Ltd. (Guelph)
Holmes Agro Ltd. (Orangeville)
Clean Farm Services (Drayton)
Maple Lane Farm Service (Mount Forest)
And many more


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