Ambassador of the Fair Program

Coordinators: Debbie Atkinson 519-848-6365 or Kaitlin Brown 519-604-8325


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Rules for the Ambassador of the Fair Program

1. Female or Male competitors must be between the ages of 17-22 as of August 21st, 2020.
2. Competitors must reside in Arthur or surrounding area.
3. Sponsors are required for each competitor. There is NO entry fee for this Program.
4. Each competitor will be interviewed by a panel of Judges.
5. Each competitor must prepare a short speech (2-3 minutes) on an agricultural oriented subject which will be delivered at the Ambassador Program Friday, Sept. 11th, 2020 and answer an impromptu question on Sunday, Sept. 13th, 2020.
6. All competitors will be in the parade on Friday, Sept. 11th, 2020
7. The winner is announced on Sunday, Sept. 13th, 2020 around 3:30 pm
8. The winner will be expected to attend the following functions: O.A.A.S. Convention in February; CNE Ambassador of the Fair Competition in August; the Ambassador Program in 2021 and as well as any other events where the Agricultural Society needs representation,
9. Each competitor will be a part of the workshop and photo session that takes place in July 2020 to help prepare for the Program in September.
Closing Date for Entries for the Ambassador of the Fair Competition is: June 13th,2020, all entries should be brought forth to the Ambassador Coordinators or the current Ambassador.

Each contestant is required to demonstrate understanding of the rules of the Ambassador Program by signing a contract which will be followed by the winner.
PLEASE NOTE: These rules may change at the discretion of the Arthur Agricultural Society. Each participant or winner will be made aware of any changes.

Thank you to Brea Smith Photography for the wonderful pictures of the 2019-2020 Ambassador of the Fair contestants.


Past Fair Queens & Ambassadors

1978 Carolyn Trommelen (Jones)
1979 Teresa Matusinec (Hawkins)
1980 Paula Schiebel (Keough)
1981 Roxy Langdon (Tilley)
1982 Roxy DeJong (Morrison)
1983 Janet Roelofsen (Harrop)
1984 Sherry Blyth (O’Connor)
1985 Doreen Van Ankum (Kenter)
1986 Lee Ann Gohn (Andriessen)
1987 Mary Ellen Raftis (Caudle)
1988 Anita Plat (Kuiken)
1989 Tammy Mullin (Gannon)
1990 Paula MacDonald
1991 Terry Suggitt (Bertrand)
1992 Cindy O’Donnell (Ecclestone)
1993 Darlene Smith (Sinclair)
1994 Colleen McGaughey (Elson)
1995 Tracy Krul (Dietrich)
1996 Jennifer Krul (Beggs)
1997 Debbie Checkley (Farrelly)
1998 Alicia Waller
1999 Deanna Beatty (Faris)
2000 Courtney Schnurr & Sarah Twiss (Petruszkiewicz)

2001 Leah Krul (Hobbs)
2002 Daphne Townsend (Haramule)
2003 Jennifer McFadden (Bodz)
2004 Kaleigh Dingman (Fowlie)
2005 Stephanie Craig 
2006 Mandy Hansen (Jones)
2007 Danielle Decker (Stolz)
2008 Danielle Dyce (Jones)
2009 Kristen Allsop

2010 Kelsey Hall & Michelle Culp
2011 Kelsey Allen
2012 Lisa Billiald (McLean)
2013 Nicole DiPucchio

2014 Samantha Binkley

2015 Kaitlin Brown

2016 Mikayla Clark

2017 Megan Hill

2018 Rachel Smyth

2019 Jessica Farrelly

2020 Alana Wagg

2019-2020 Arthur Fall Fair Ambassador
Alana Wagg