Ambassador Program

- Friday September 10, 2021-

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Participant introductions, speeches, and impromptu questions

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- Sunday September 12, 2021-

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Crowning of the 2021-2022

Arthur Fall Fair Ambassador


Message from Alana Wagg

2019-2021 Arthur Fall Fair Ambassador

My years as ambassador were nothing I could have expected. The year had a typical start with fair visits where I had the pleasure to represent Arthur Agricultural Society and connect with other communities and Societies. The next major event was the District 7 meeting which allowed me the opportunity to reconnect with the other ambassadors and learn about representing your community. Following this meeting we attended the OAAS Convention which hosted many informational seminars. Of course, I participated in my fair share of parades, festivals, sporting events, and face painting sessions as well. Starting March 2020, I experienced a couple of firsts as the Arthur Fall Fair Ambassador due to the global covid-19 pandemic. With every cancelled event, another virtual or socially distant one became available. This program has allowed me to grow and learn in so many ways, as well as connect with my community.           

I owe a huge thank you to the Arthur Agricultural Society for gracing me with this opportunity. The experiences and opportunities I have had are invaluable and have taught me countless skills and lessons. The members of the Society are constantly encouraging and kind and have helped me grow as a member of this community.


Many thanks to the members of the Ambassador committee, Deb, Kaitlin, Nicole, Jessica, Rachel, and Megan. Their consistent support has been overwhelming and has made all my experiences that much more enjoyable. With chauffeuring me to events or helping me prepare, I was constantly reassured and accompanied by at least one of these lovely ladies.


Thank you to my family who has been helpful and encouraging every step of the way. Their pride and faith in me has pushed me to be the best Ambassador I could possibly be and has made me proud to represent our community.


A final thank you goes to Tobler and Sons, my sponsors. Their continued support even after the fair was incredible. I am proud that such a strong presence in our community was my sponsor.


I am extremely grateful and humbled to have represented the Arthur Agricultural Society. My appreciation for all things agriculture has grown immensely and I have learned so much about the true sense of community and the importance of sticking together no matter what life may throw at us. I am looking forward to this year’s fair and hope to see everyone participating, whether it be virtually or in person!


Alana Wagg

Thank you Brea Smith Photography!


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Thank you to our judges who are tasked with this difficult decision

The Ambassador Committee gratefully acknowledges the generous donations, contributions and gifts from local businesses and individuals