Local 4H Groups

Important Notice

RFID tags for Beef &Dairy Cattle, Sheep. 

All animals must have the approved RFID, CCIA, CSIP or NLID tags in the animals ear on show day. We will be checking upon arrival. Any animal without this ID will not be allowed on the fair grounds. We are advising all participants to bring an extra tag and the applicator in case a tag is lost during transit. We will not be tagging any animals.


4-H is 4U

The 4-H program is based on a “Learn to Do by Doing” philosophy. At its core, 4-H is a grassroots organization of leaders building leaders. With the guidance of volunteer leaders, 4-H members (aged 9–21) come together to create a 4-H club and learn about a selected topic through hands-on activities and mentorship. The Cloverbud Program (for youth aged 6–8) work with volunteer leaders on a variety of units, giving them a 4-H experience over the course of a year. The 4-H program is coordinated by the adult volunteers of the Wellington County 4-H Leaders’ Association. The executives of the Wellington County 4-H Association for 2020 is: Past President: Jason Schill, President: Leslie Cook 1st Vice President: Jennifer Pollock, 2nd Vice President: Krista Fraser Treasurer: Lynn Flewwelling. Secretary: Mary Fraser
For more information on 4-H in Wellington County please contact Carol Pollock at 519-833-0455


West Luther 4-H Clubs

Sponsor: Arthur Lions Club, Arthur Agricultural Society

Beef Club Leaders: Charles Twiss, Tayler Black, Jason Hurst, Paul Ormiston and Adam Black
Dairy Club Leaders: Shannon Cartwright, Krista Bates, Pat Burdzy & Ryan Harrop
Field Crop Leaders: Matt Coffey, Matt Rundle & Bridget Schill
Vet Club Leaders: Shannon Cartwright, Pat Burdzy & Dr. Chantel Stoop
Cloverbuds Leaders: Danielle Lennox & Jen Van der Meulen


West Luther 4-H Field Crop Competition

Matt & Sharon Coffey Independent Sales Representatives for Pioneer Brand Products $100.00

Total of $200.00 to be divided among all qualifying entries.

Showmanship Ages:

Novice – 9-11 years old, Junior:  12-14 years old, Intermediate: 15-17 years old Senior: 18-21 years old


West Luther 4-H Club Specials 2020


Top Calendar Year Calf: Sponsor – Arthur Agricultural Society

Top Junior Yearling: Sponsor – Brian & Doris Aitken

Champion Senior Heifer: Sponsor – Jim & Sharon Quarrie

Champion Market Animal: Sponsor – North Wellington Co-op

Champion Junior Show person: Sponsored by Marjorie Smith.

         All Other 1st year Junior Beef Show Persons will receive a rope halter

Champion Show Person: Sponsor - Royal LePage RCR Realty Broker

Top Exhibit by First Year Member: Sponsor - Evergreen Seed Co.

High Point Judge: Sponsor – Holstein Feed Mill 2015 Ltd

High Point First Year Judge: Sponsor – MARRC Apparel

High Standing First Year Member: Sponsor - Tremain Auto Sales

High Standing Member Award: Sponsor - Duncan Family (Duncan Family Memorial Award)

Past President Award: Sponsor - Barb & Charlie Twiss


Top Placing Dairy Showperson: Sponsor - Indian Maiden Farms

Reserve Dairy Showperson: Sponsor - Elliott Farms

Top Overall Animal: Sponsor - Hick’s Veterinary Services

Reserve Overall Animal: Sponsor - Kenilworth Feed Service

          Top Overall Animal will be based on 50% match with sire & dam, 25% production of dam, 25% conformation

Top Placing Member: Arthur Home Hardware

Top First Year Member: Sponsor – Jim & Sharon Quarrie


Field Crops

High Scoring Member: Sponsor - Matt & Sharon Coffey (Pioneer Brand Products, Ind. Sales Rep)

Top Field Plot: Sponsor – Harriston Agromart

Top Fairy Entry:  North Wellington Co-op

Club Spirit Award: Sponsor - John & Sharon Beer

Top First Year Member: Sponsor – Jim & Sharon Quarrie


Vet Club

Top Scoring New Member: Sponsor – McBride Automotive

Top Scoring Junior Member: Sponsor - Dave’s Auto Body

Top Scoring Senior Member: Sponsor – Islandview Farm Equipment

4-H Open Show

Dairy              Beef                Sheep

Open to all 2020 4-H Members

Chairman:  Charles Twiss, Committee: Gerald Townsend, Gil Reid, James Twiss, Bryan Twiss,

Barb Twiss, Linda Saunders, Lianne Kaminski, Jack and Karen McDougall, Carol McIntosh, Brian & Doris Aitken

and Hugh Van Hout.


1.) All exhibitors must register in the Show Office at ringside before 11:00 A.M. Saturday, September 12th, 2020
2.) A $5.00 membership fee will be collected.
3.) All exhibitors must have liability insurance and state liability insurance information on entry form. Livestock exhibitors under 18 years of age, must have signature of consent by parent or guardian on entry form.
4.) Show harnesses are required for all livestock classes.
5.) Open to any 4-H member with his/her 2020 project.
6.) Animals must stay on grounds until after 4:00 p.m.
7.) Exhibitors may only show in 1 division of the open show (Beef, Dairy or Sheep)
8.) Tie breaker to show alternative animal for Supreme Champion show person.




Class 1 – Pee-wee under 9 years Prize Money: $5.00 each
Class 2 – Novice – 9-11 years
Class 3 - Junior 12-14 years
Class 4 - Intermediate 15 – 17 years
Class 5 – Senior 18 – 21 years
Class 6 – Champion and Reserve Showman Plaque
Supreme Champion Showmanship to take place following the completion of the showmanship classes
Prize Money:
Class 2 to Class 6, 1st - $50.00; 2nd - $45.00;3rd - $40.00; 4th - $35.00; 5th $ 30.00; 6th $25.00; to all other participants in Class 2 to Class 5, $20.00


Wellington County Cattleman’s Association –

A donation of $50.00 has been received and will be applied to 4-H Showmanship.




Exhibitors are expected to wear black pants or jeans and a white collared shirt.

No running shoes, rubber boots or hats will be allowed in the show ring

Class 7 - Calendar year Heifer Calf
Class 8 – Heifers; April 1, 2019 – December 31, 2019
Class 9 – Heifers; after January 1, 2019 - March 31, 2019
Class 10 – Champion Female
Class 11 – Market Animal (born in 2019)
Class 12 – Champion Market Animal
Class 13 – Supreme 4-H Animal

Prize Money:  Class 7 to 14, 1st - $50.00; 2nd - $45.00; 3rd - $40.00; 4th - $35.00; 5th $ 30.00; 6th $25.00;

                         to all other participants in Class 7 to Class 14, $20.00





Open to any 4-H member with his/her 2020 project. 

Exhibitors are expected to wear white pants or jeans and a white collared shirt.

No running shoes, rubber boots or hats will be allowed in the show ring

Class 14- Junior Heifer Calf - March 1, 2020 or after
Class 15– Intermediate Heifer Calf – December 1, 2019 to February 29, 2020
Class 16– Senior Heifer Calf – September 1, 2019 to November 30, 2019
Class 17 – Summer Yearling – June 1, 2019 to August 31, 2019
Class 18 – Junior Yearling – March 1, 2019 to May 31, 2019

Prize Money:  Class 15 - 19, 1st - $50.00; 2nd - $45.00; 3rd - $40.00; 4th - $35.00; 5th $ 30.00; 6th $25.00;

                         to all other participants in Class 15 to Class 19, $20.00




Open to any 4-H member with his/her 2020 project. 

Limit of one lamb per exhibitor, and to be exhibited in only one conformation class.

Exhibitors are expected to wear black pants or jeans and a white collared shirt.

No running shoes, rubber boots or hats will be allowed in the show ring

Class 19– Junior Lamb – Born after March 1, 2020
Class 20 – Senior Lamb – Born from January 1, 2020 & February 28, 2020
Class 21 – Market Lamb 90 lbs. and under
Class 22- Market Lamb 91 lbs. and over
Class 23 – Champion Lamb
Prize Money: Class 20 to 24 1st - $50.00; 2nd - $45.00; 3rd - $40.00; 4th - $35.00; 5th $ 30.00; 6th $25.00; to all other participants in Class 20 to Class 24, $20.00



Distance Traveled Award
Open to all 2020 4-H members in beef, dairy & sheep clubs, $50.00 prize for 4-H member who travels the farthest to come to the Arthur Fall Fair.


Plaques for all First & Second Place Winners.  Sponsors are listed on next page.

Photographs are taken with sponsor.

Photography by Jane O’Donnell of Arthur


Open to all Wellington County 4-H Life skills clubs.


1. Members of clubs who have taken projects in 2019-2020

2. Please registered each Club’s display with the Secretary to assure your club will receive their prize money. Please do so the day you set your display up. Form to be filled out

3. Displays should be artistically arranged with the name of the club prominently displayed.  Please display the 4-H logo on all displays. 

4. Displays shall be placed in the Youth Palace (curling club ice surface) on either Thursday September 10th from 7:00-9:00 pm or Friday, Sept. 11th, 2019 from 9:00- 11:00 am.

Prize money:

All Entries shall receive $25.00 for their club’s display. - Sponsored by the Arthur Agricultural Society.